Ayşe Muslu Beauty Center

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  • Posted: 8 months ago
months since I
2.0 Bad

I definitely don't recommend it. I had silk eyelash application done twice. The first one I had done was very nice, I did not encounter any problems, it was done with fine workmanship and it lasted for 2 months, it did not cause any stinging or burning in my eyes. It's been 1.5 months since I had it done, but I only have 3-5 eyelashes left on my eyes and they are of such bad and poor quality. It stings my eyes, it disturbs me, my eyelashes are flying in the air. As the eyelashes fall, it also picks up my own. I do not recommend

Yağmur Ctnkya
I have never
5.0 Very Good

They changed their eyelash experts ?? I was not satisfied at all, the eyelashes I had applied were kept as if they were a trust and they fell out ?? Also, when the eyelashes I had put on were removed, they literally ripped off. I have never seen anything like this. Have you been looking for this Lash lady for a long time? I'm so sorry, but I liked the place very much. I would recommend it to everyone, especially for eyelashes, but it was a disappointment ????????

Sezin Celik
in the place
5.0 Very Good

Today, I chose Ayşe Muslu for my hand and foot care, I had a very beautiful pearl powder model nail polish made for my hands and feet, because I said that I had a special day in the place I came to with the recommendation of a friend, they provided the best service in a limited time, thank you for their kindness and solution-oriented. I do. The few places that use disposable materials

Lina Sünbül
so lucky to
5.0 Very Good

I was a little hesitant because it would be my first silk eyelash try, I met Ms. Merve, I'm so lucky to have come across such a beautiful person ?? their attitude is very nice, thank you ??

Yeliz Yılmaz
prices are already
1.0 So Bad

It's a very bad place, acting like it suits her, Ayşe lady is self-deprecating cold person, never interested, prices are already above the average and they don't even show the courtesy to apologize for their mistake.

Nesrin Arslan
are amazing as
5.0 Very Good

Thank you aysemm, you are amazing as always ?

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